Santa Ynez… Wine & Photo shoots…

| June 9, 2011

This gallery is a special one… Santa Barbara rent is high for a reason, this town is geared towards people who love to live life in beautiful places.  We have all heard the term “you get what you pay for”, well here it is…

Sean and Ashley are good friends of ours and they LOVE the valley, wine tasting, and Santa Ynez, so their engagement session had to be here!  We started off at Demetria winery for a little wine tasting and fun before the shoot to loosen up.  After hanging at Demetria and shooting there for a bit we got in the car and found some other amazing locations to shoot!  Sometimes I forget just how beautiful the Santa Ynez valley is, it’s just over the hill from SB but I don’t make it over as much as I would like…  I guess I’m more of a beach guy…  And speaking of beaches, Sean and Ashley are having their wedding in La Paz, Mexico…  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding in La Paz, Ashley & Sean’s style is amazing and their wedding is looking like it’s going to be off the charts!! Stay tuned…  Oh yah, huge props to my beautiful wifey!  She shot a ton of amazing shots on this shoot and totally impressed me! Rocking it babe!!

Much love guys… I’m going to have to get some wine from Demetria now, WAY too good not to have on the rack!!

  1. Heidi

    beautiful Patrick!!

  2. Patrick

    Thanks Heidi!