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June in SB… Annie & Brian

| June 28, 2012

Beach Day

| June 21, 2012

Two photos… One of me and my best friend Santi, taken by my beautiful wife Rachel.  And one of my beautiful wife Rachel taken by yours truly.  Kind of random photos but it was an amazing Santa Barbara day I won’t soon forget.  Over the years I’ve found enjoying the simple pleasures in life and living in the moment is monumental .:

Angela & Chris, Villa Verano

| June 13, 2012

Angela & Chris’s wedding was an honor to shoot for me.  They are the kind of people you feel lucky to know, I feel like I’ve made new friends for life.  I wish you guys only the best in your journey through life together, I know it will be one filled with love and laughter…

Much love,  Pat & Rach .: