Love in the Hollywood Hills

| August 3, 2012

  1. heidi

    you hit this out of the park…this is an *amazing* session!!

  2. Emilia Jane

    I can’t stop scrolling to the top and back down again. These are stunning.

  3. erin mcginn

    This session just blew my mind, completely epic.

  4. Rachel Moyer


  5. Patrick Moyer

    Thanks Heidi & Rach, always my two biggest fans!

  6. Hannah

    OMG! Love this shoot! What a cool house and great photography. Who is this girl? She looks like a model… Lana del Rey esque. Very hot!

  7. Brennan

    Fantastic work! Love this whole set man

  8. Katherine McClure

    This shoot is awesome!

  9. lori

    WOW, Sarah, you look amazing (as usual), and you make the Stahl House look even better! xoxoxoxox